Owner / Producer

Jake Dean has been producing and shooting in some capacity since as early as middle school. He started DFPS in 2014 and has since provided custom, top notch production services to clients all over the country. While he prefers field production and being behind the lens, Jake oversees all of the production at DFPS. He has a love-hate relationship with editing, but really, who doesn't?


Production Manager / Social Media

Kayla Ingle came onboard DFPS early on as a formative member and has certainly left her mark on our production process. From client recruitment to project management, she's a formidable project manager. While charged with overseeing project success, she wears many hats including camera operator, script supervisor, and editor. Certainly she's a central key to DFPS's success as she's really the only person who can pull Wil and Jake back from the recesses of the internet.


Editor / Composer

Wil Wright came onboard DFPS late in 2015 as a part time editor and has since grown to manage most of the post-production development. He brings a cultivated eye to the team, lending direction to otherwise unwieldy projects. He also composes music for video and film, opening up avenues to custom music production for DFPS's clients. When not editing, he's usually making fun of the films Jake hasn't seen yet.

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