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Afraid of heights? DFPS isn't.

Lloyd's Electric mounting our long-term time lapse solution.
DFPS is always willing to stretch out and make the extra effort for our clients. So when Lloyd's Electric Service reached out and asked us if we had a way to pull off a long term time-lapse, off the grid, we did our homework and we made it happen.
Long term time-lapses can present challenges, chiefly power. In this case, we did not have access to AC, but we did have a location primed for solar power generation. In fact, the time-lapse we were recruited to produce was of the construction of a new solar field on Pellissippi State's Hardin Valley campus.
We designed our time-lapse enclosure around a solar battery maintainer and a 12V sealed lead acid battery. The enclosure is a repurposed pelican style case. A little rotary tool action, epoxy and sealant later, we had an enclosure suited to fit a Panasonic GH4, lens, battery and power equipment.
Right now the enclosure is perched atop a light pole in a PSTCC parking lot, snapping away dutifully. We'd like to think every problem we encounter is as solvable with a similar application of ingenuity and determination.

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